New Lola Rose Now At So Charming!

Here it is, the line you've all been waiting for - Lola Rose A/W 2011!

This fantastic new line arrived earlier this week at So Charming, and we've been stacking it on our virtual shelves for everyone to see. In fact, it's been so popular with our customers, that several of Lola Rose's new pieces have completely sold out! Fear not, we're restocking and ordering new items from her latest collection. This A/W, you'll look dazzling in her gorgeous new jewels, featuring stunning stones and a lot of hearts!

Lola Rose's new line brings a little bit of Summer into the Winter months that are fast approaching. The sandstone heart necklace is bright and radiant, the varying shades of pink on the ruby sandstone necklace are soft and inviting.

Going fully into winter, some of her pieces have a different touch. The obsidian ring is dappled with snowflakes, bringing out the best of Winter through the beauty of the ring.

Below, you will find a fantastic selection of pieces from Lola Rose's A/W 2011 collection.

 Lola Rose sandstone necklace.
 Lola Rose Black Cherry Quartz Necklace
 Lola Rose Black Cherry and Ruby Rae Necklace
 Lola Rose Gold Sandstone Necklace
 Lola Rose Black agate Bracelet
Lola Rose Grey Agate Earrings

Lola Rose Obsidian Snowflake Ring

All these beautiful pieces and more from this amazing line can be found at Click the link to see more of Lola's new line and more from our top designers!


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